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As a church, we believe that prayer is an integral part of our lives and our relationship not just with God, but also with each other. By worshipping and praising God for everything he is and that he’s done, and asking for his help and guidance, we grow to learn him more, to lead others towards him more, and to love as he loves us more.


Got a prayer request? Just let us know here:


thank you!


If you have any questions, requests, or interested in viewing our live stream, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us via the form below, or alternatively, send us an email via the contacts below

Thank you, we hope to be in touch soon!

Chin Wee Ang

Senior Ministry Worker

Ron Kossen

Chairman of Church Council

Samara Swarts

Ministry Coordinator

Dorien Kappert

Women's Pastoral Ministry


Zania Wesseloo

Children's Worker

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