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Wheatbelt Christian Fellowship - update

Greetings to our church family in Willo,

As I write this update we are about to launch our third visit to the schools on Monday 30th. This time we very quickly (within two hours) got our police pass into the remote Aboriginal community at Pia Wadjarri. We give thanks to the Lord for this rapid approval. Also Heidi Hondema, our trainee relief teacher is coming with me this trip and will be taking 8 of the 11 lessons while I observe. That means a much lighter work load for me not only for the week itself but also in the lead up as to lesson preparations. Heidi is really passionate about the mission and is fitting in really well.’ She hopes to conclude her training in November when she goes off with our back up pilot and delivers all lessons while I remain home.

Here locally in Wongan Hills the Lord continues to bless us with new people. At our last service (Aug 15th) we had yet another new young local family join is with the intention of becoming part of our Fellowship. This makes three families in two months. We also ended the financial year in great shape and for the first time have been able to add a new line to our ‘expenses column’ for the employment of a future paid full time worker. Our local Fellowship is excited we have reached this stage of our development and pray that in the Lord’s time this big step will be realised in the intermediate future, or sooner if He out of left field presents us with a suitable pastor.

Our greatest need at the moment is for more relief teachers, at least two if we could get them. It would be great if Willo could come up with these workers. Retired teachers would be ideal but YouthCARE can train and equip those who are not as qualified as that. The idea is we have a team to do the work and so share the work load, especially in this transition time before we get a paid full time replacement. If the Lord tugs at your heart and you wonder whether this might be something you could do, please contact me to talk further as to how to proceed.

We praise and thank the Lord for Willo’s generous support for this mission done on your behalf. We are much encouraged by you our sending church. We pray the Lord continues to bless your efforts to reach the lost for Christ in your part of the vineyard. We pray too that all will go well with the arrival of Timothy and Leah Gray and family as they arrive soon to begin their vicariate time at Willo.

Blessings in Christ

Geoff van Schie

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